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NOVERAS Tax on Instrument

An essential tax data enrichment service for you to effectively advise your clients in today's "performance after tax" world.'

Tax Information on ISIN level

The NOVERAS Tax On Instrument raw data feed provides you with up-to-date, country specific tax information on ISIN (single security) level for all asset classes. It allows you to gather in-depth understanding of after-tax implications and helps you making tax knowledgeable investment decisions ("tax overlay"), in accordance with the client's tax domicile. In furthermore allows endless taylor-made scoring or rule set creations.

NOVERAS Tax On Instrument Dataset

  • Income Tax Details
    • Tax Rate
    • Tax Rate Description
    • Tax Calculation Method
    • Tax Events
    • Tax Base - Additional Rules
    • Witholding Taxes on Income
  • Capital Gains & Losses Tax Details
    • CGL Tax Rates
    • CGL Tax Rates Description
    • CGL Calculation Method
    • CGL Tax Events
    • CGL Tax Base - Additional Rules
  • Wealth Tax Details
    • Tax Rate
    • Tax Rate Description
    • Tax Calculation Method
  • Generic Tax Details
    • Tax 'Harmfulness'-Ranking
    • Relevant country-specific Tax year
    • Tax-related or Tax-sensitive Deadlines
    • Additional Tax Information

SIX Tax Score®

Gain a unique competitive advantage by helping your investors to understand the tax implications and make tax intelligent decisions.

Daily Calculation of Tax Scores

For each active financial instruments belonging to the asset classes covered (Equity, Fixed Income, Funds, Securitized Derivatives), SIX calculates a tax score indicator per Tax jurisdiction of end-investors (initially CH, FR, UK). The calculation of tax scores is performed daily as the input parameters of the calculations (price, performance, fiscal treatment of income Corporate Actions) are dynamic.

SIX Tax Score Dataset

  • The tax scores indicating the after-tax performance of the underlying financial instrument.
  • Informative fields (Effective tax rate, Max tax rate) used in the tax score calculation for you to better understand the tax implications.
  • Calculation period indicator to indicate the theoretical holding period on which the calculation has been based on.
  • SIX Tax Score® underlying data model ensures new effective tax rates are applied instantly in the scoring algorithm.

Provide Tax Intelligent Investment Advice

Thanks to the tax score, you are now able to compare two financial instruments from their after-tax performance perspective. With this readily available tax information, you no longer need to rely on lengthy country tax manuals. Finally, you can better assess your end-client investment performance by looking at the aggregated after-tax performance of their portfolio.



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