Automated Securities Accounting

Automated Securities Accounting

for Companies

Save time and money with our Automated Securities Accounting for Companies

For asset-managing companies, e.g. German GmbHs/AGs, that create their necessary accounting records manually from the banks' customer reporting, Noveras offers electronic and machine-readable securities accounting, which creates the accounting transactions automatically and daily on the basis of bank transactions. This enables a fast and efficient tax calculation of German companies.

  • 1. Digital Data

    Your bank delivers transaction und position data.

  • Noveras integrates, transforms and consolidates all data.

  • Bookings of securities according to chart of accounts, e.g. DATEV (SKR03/04)

    Foreign currency translation with EZB rates

    Assessment of funds according to Investment Tax Act

    Fixed/current assets valuation according to HGB valuation and tax balance principles

  • Booking entries can be uploaded directly into the accounting software of your tax advisor, e.g. DATEV.



Microsoft Azure Cloud in Datacenter Swisscom (Switzerland)

2FA authentication for our online platform

Tailor-made Service

Client-specific account assignments

Consolidation across all banking relationships

Direct coordination with your banks and your advisor/accountant


Transaction and position data electronically available (SFTP)

Power of attorney for Noveras Services

Allocation of bank accounts and custody accounts to fixed and current assets

Available Data Channels

Available Data Channels

Flat files

Data can be delivered via SFTP in CSV/PDF format or sent via encrypted email.


Get API access to have your data on-demand. You can integrate them into your software solutions.

Noveras Tax Suite

Download data in our Tax Suite as CSV or PDF file.



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