From Tax Reporting Services to a TaxTech firm offering a smart Tax Suite

  • SIX partnership


    NOVERAS has partnered with SIX to provide tax data on financial instruments so that you can support your clients' investment decisions

  • Axeed partnership


    NOVERAS has signed partnership with Axeed to allow customers to simulate in real-time tax implications on their portfolios.

  • Noveras Tax Suite


    Entering new dimension of client advisory, NOVERAS launches the comprehensive NOVERAS Tax Suite including the Tax On Instrument, Tax On Holdings and Tax Reporting to enable smart investment decisions through access to tax optimization opportunities.

  • Tax On Instrument


    Merging the passion for tax and tax technology, NOVERAS introduces the Tax On Instrument bringing tax transparency in client’s portfolios.

  • Tax Reporting


    Regulatory changes in tax laws worldwide added complexity to the tax payers requirements. NOVERAS has been expanding their offering to consolidated wealth reports, extension of years and countries covered, and built it into the Tax Reporting Cockpit.

  • Countryspecific Tax Reporting


    NOVERAS built unique in-depth specialist know how on countryspecific Tax Reporting and has been selling it on an increasing number of markets and clients since 2014, covering both civil and common law jurisdictions worldwide.

  • Tax Data Software


    In light of the Automatic Exchange of Information, NOVERAS supported international law firms and banks in the preparation of their clients’ multi-year Disclosure Packages. Parallel to this, NOVERAS started developing its own tax data software.

  • Noveras foundation


    Foundation of NOVERAS as consulting and project management firm supporting the ongoing transformation of international private banking.